Treguard, Dungeon Master of Knightmare Castle, has long been in a permanent state of convalescence due to magic-induced dementia, and it has now been almost twenty years since the last dungeoneer was despatched on a quest through the Dungeon Of Deceit. During this time, the leader of the Opposition, Lord Fear, has had free reign over the landscape. But instead of using this to build a world of technology and infernal machines, Fear has lapsed into boredom, fecklessness and complacency. So one morning, a spectre from the past decides to pay a visit and lay down the law to him.


The Rude Awakening Of Lord Fear


A light-hearted response to the special episode of Knightmare made for YouTube GeekWeek, this one-off sort-of-monologue tries (and probably fails) to account for Lord Fear’s apparent total inertia during the period that Treguard was shown to have been completely out-of-action since the end of the TV series. The vignette has been made especially for the 26th anniversary of Knightmare‘s debut appearance on ITV.


Lord Fear …………………………… Martin Odoni

Running time approx 10 minutes.
Script written, mixed, edited and performed by Martin Odoni.
Theme music (‘Chase Pulse’) composed by Kevin MacLeod (see Incompetech website).
Sound effects provided by The Freesound Project.
Published 7/9/2013

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