The happy father-daughter writing partnership established between Hordriss the Confuser and Sidriss the Confused has finally paid dividends as they get ready to publish the first novel they’ve written together. Or to be more precise, Hordriss has written it while Sidriss unsportingly insists on pointing out why most of what he’s written is rubbish.


Sidriss the Confused and the Deathly Hallows


Two festive offerings in the space of a week, so we may be accused of getting carried away. The Collins siblings revisit the ground they trod in September ’09 with another Harry Potter pastiche. This time the skit is largely improvised, and once again, despite being a festive offering, it contains no reference whatsoever to Christmas or New Year. Do we care? Do we, newarks! A peaceful and Happy New Year to one and all!


Sidriss the Confused……………………………Rosey Collins
Hordriss the Confuser……………………………Jake Collins

Running time approx 9 minutes.
Scenario by Jake Collins – dialogue improvised by the cast.
Music (intro track ‘Eyecatch’ & outro track ‘Endless Horizons’) provided by, composers anonymous.
Sound effects provided by The Free Sound Project and Soundrangers.
Production mixed by Jake Collins.
Edited by Martin Odoni.
Harry Potter is (c) of JK Rowling.

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