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Newest release: 27/3/2016

A new comedy sketch, In Defence Of Dan, is now available.

Previous release: 1/1/2015; –

The ‘Missing Scene‘ from Famous For Retreating has been mixed into a standalone skitlet for the festive season.

WELCOME to the home of the Dunshelm Players. Previously known as the KM-RAmDram team, we are a drama/storytelling group dedicated to reviving the profile of Knightmare, a classic TV gameshow created by Tim Child in the 1980’s.

Knightmare was interactive fiction played out on television; a computer game in a chromakey studio, with the part of the game avatar being taken up by the image of a human contestant superimposed on the chambers of a computer-generated dungeon, a dark, deadly realm of magic and monsters. The series attracted audiences in excess of five million at its height.

The Dunshelm Players team was formed in 2005, then going by the rather clumsy title of KM-RAmDram (short for Knightmare Radio Amateur Dramatics), with the purpose of creating audio-based and prose-based media in tribute to the series. Their first project, a drama play titled Famous For Retreating, was published in the late Autumn of 2006.

Since then, the team has released a variety of projects, including dramas, comedies, and written work, all free-to-download from this website, and more are in development even as you read this.

Please sample what’s available; any constructive feedback, positive or negative, can be posted through this site, on our facebook page, or by sending an e-mail, and will be gratefully accepted and considered.

Let’s keep time turning, and the fire burning…

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